Warhammer Underworlds Core Set Inlay

Warhammer Underworlds Core Set Inlay

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NOTE: This product Requires Assembly.  A small amount of wood glue will probably be required.  Instructions available here.

This set of box inserts turns your core box in to a well managed home for your Warhammer Underworlds core set.   It makes the game quick and easy to set up and pack away, while protecting the components.   In this set are:

- Card tray to hold 2 piles of cards, sleeved or unsleeved

- A box to hold the models

- Two trays with sloped front to easily get at the components you need while playing the game

- A cover for the trays to keep them safe and in their place while the box is being transported.


They all pack neatly in to the box.

Note: You will need to bend the sides of the cardboard box insert to accommodate these inlays, but it's well worth it.   Nothing is destroyed in the process.