Tamiya Brushless Motor 01 (18T)<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Tamiya Brushless Motor 01 (18T)
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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Are you new to Radio Control and looking at what kind of motor to install in your machine? The next generation power units for radio control machines, brushless motors, now has a new inexpensive 18 Turn motor joining the ever increasing line-up perfect for beginners. This motor has approximately the same power output as the Lightly-Tuned Motor 28 Turn (Item 53983). The great thing about brushless motors is that you do not need to replace brushes and brush rings and no cleaning of the commutator is necessary making maintenance a breeze.


- Can be used with any 1/10 Radio Control touring cars
- 2270KV (KV denotes RPM per volt).
- Input voltage: 6.6-7.2V.
- Weight: 211g.
- Sensorless design

It is not suitable for big tyre off-road, CR-01 and machines that require two motors.
Tamiya Brushless Electronic Speed Control 01 TBLE-01 (Item 54038) is required.
Lubricate bearings with Metal Bearing Lubricating Oil (Item 53508) to enhance performance and motor life.