Tamiya 1/35 German Tank Destroyer Elefant<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Tamiya 1/35 German Tank Destroyer Elefant
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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This is a 1/35 scale assembly model of the German Heavy Tank Destroyer Elephant. Extensive research was conducted by Tamiya's designers to bring the modelling world the most accurate rendition to date.

Historical background
In 1941, Porsche created a prototype tank which incorporated radical features including a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain. In 1943, the tank was transformed into the Ferdinand tank destroyer armed with an 8.8cm PaK 43 L/71 gun housed in a large box-shaped superstructure and 90 units were produced. During the Battle of Kursk, they demonstrated superior anti-armor capability to knock out T-34 and KV-1 tanks at long range, but their slow speed and unreliability resulted in many being immobilized by mechanical troubles. In 1944, 50 surviving Ferdinands were given modifications, including the addition of a machine gun, a commander's cupola, and were re-designated with the name Elefant. The Elefant saw combat on the Italian and Russian fronts, and some fought until the very end of WWII during the Battle of Berlin.

Specs & Features
- 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit.
- Length: 236mm.
- Fighting compartment, 8.8cm gun, and cupola have been accurately reproduced.
- Bolt-on front armour, engine grille, and machine gun mount are depicted.
- Assembly type tracks have one-piece straight sections and feature a realistic sag effect.
- 1 commander, 1 loader, and 1 driver torso figures and 3 marking options included.

Suggested Paint Colours

TS-1 - Red Brown
TS-2 - Dark Green
TS-3 - Dark Yellow
X-10 - Gun Metal
X-11 - Chrome Silver

X-5 - Green
XF-1 - Flat Black
XF-15 - Flat Flesh
XF-56 - Metallic Grey
XF-60 - Dark Yellow

XF-61 - Dark Green
XF-63 - German Grey
XF-64 - Red Brown
XF-65 - Field Grey