Tamiya 1/32 P-51D/K Mustang Pacific Theater<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Tamiya 1/32 P-51D/K Mustang Pacific Theater
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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The P-51D Mustang incorporated advanced features such as a laminar flow wing and an efficient radiator design. It was powered by the Packard-built Rolls-Royce Merlin V-1650 engine and it demonstrated superior high altitude performance compared to its rivals of the day. The P-51D was equipped with a Hamilton Standard propeller as standard but shortages of the propeller led to the installation of Aero products propellers on some P-51Ds built at North American's Dallas factory, and these were distinguished by the designation P-51K. Most of the P-51Ks fought in combat in the Pacific Theater of operations, although some were sent to Europe to fight the war as well.

In addition to the fighter role, some P-51s were equipped with cameras and used as reconnaissance aircraft. Such aircraft which were converted from P-51Ds and P-51Ks were designated F-6Ds and F-6Ks respectively.

The Tamiya 1/32 model kit faithfully captures the nuances of the P-51K down to its last rivet and propeller shape. Extensive research throughout the United States was conducted to find the best restored subjects to ensure the Tamiya model is accurate and faithful to discriminating model fans across the globe.

Specs and Features
- 1/32 scale plastic assembly model kit. Wingspan: 354mm, Fuselage Length: 308mm.
- Kit includes parts to enable assembly of the P-51D, P-51K, or F-6D variants, including cockpit details.
- Radiator internal mechanisms are accurately depicted. Both the radiator flap and oil cooler flap are movable.
- Included stand enables an in-flight display.
- Parts to depict retracted or deployed undercarriage are included.
- Packard-built Merlin engine features impressive details such as a carburettor, supercharger, and inter-coolers.
- Magnets enable the ultra-thin engine cowlings to be detached even after assembly.
- Parts for 75- and 110-gallon drop tanks, 500lb bombs, and M10 4.5-inch bazooka tubes are included.
- Comes with parts to depict distinctive F-6D features such as the fuselage camera port, K-24 camera, and loop antenna.
- 2 pilot figures, 1 seated and 1 standing, are included.
- 3 marking options, full-colour painting guide, and a reference booklet (A5-size, 16 pages) are included.
- Includes photo-etched parts to depict details such as seat harnesses and the oil cooler.
- Masking sheet to aid with painting the canopy is included.

Suggested Paint Colours

AS-12 - Bare Metal Silver
AS-6 - Olive Drab (USAAF)
TS-29 - Semi Gloss Black
X-10 - Gun Metal
X-11 - Chrome Silver
X-12 - Gold Leaf
X-18 - Semi Gloss Black
X-2 - White
X-25 - Clear Green
X-26 - Clear Orange
X-27 - Clear Red

X-28 - Park Green
X-31 - Titanium Gold
X-32 - Titanium Silver
X-5 - Green
X-7 - Red
XF-1 - Flat Black
XF-10 - Flat Brown
XF-15 - Flat Flesh
XF-16 - Flat Aluminium
XF-19 - Sky Grey
XF-3 - Flat Yellow

XF-49 - Khaki
XF-5 - Flat Green
XF-55 - Deck Tan
XF-56 - Metallic Grey
XF-57 - Buff
XF-59 - Desert Yellow
XF-62 - Olive Drab
XF-64 - Red Brown
XF-7 - Flat Red