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Sixth is the next evolution of chess. The rules are simple: Your goal is to build a tower of six or more disks with your colour on top. On your turn, you will either start a new tower by adding a piece to the board or capture an existing tower by moving another into play. The twist is that each tower moves like a different chess piece, based on the number of disks in that tower. This captivating abstract strategy game is easy to learn, but full of subtle complexity. It will challenge and engage newcomers and chess masters alike. Sixth is sure to win a permanent place on many family’s coffee tables. If you enjoy Sixth, you may also like Gobblet – another prestige wooden strategy game from Blue Orange. Sixth is suitable for two players aged 12 and up with a playing time of around 25 minutes. 1 wooden board 30 wooden disks 1 expansion cloth bag with 5 wooden disks 1 rulebook