Schleich HC Sofias Beauties - Quarter Horse Mare<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Schleich HC Sofias Beauties - Quarter Horse Mare
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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The Beauty Horse Quarter Horse Mare from the new Sofia's Beauties line-up is a dream horse for fashionistas! With a combable mane and tail, she's the toy horse you've always wanted in your Schleich Horse Club collection. Add a little bling with colourful beads and hair clips... you're ready for a horse show or ride through the countryside!

The Beauty Horse Quarter Horse has a mane that just keeps growing! Luckily, she's a fast sprinter, which means she'll have time to visit the Horse Beauty Salon for a braid after her next race. She just loves the beads she gets at the salon. Pink or mauve beads today? Decide quick... it's time for another quarter mile sprint!

Additional Information
- For the first time ever, Schleich® introduces a horse with brush able hair – one of seven horses in the new Sophia's Beauties line-up from Schleich® HORSE CLUB.
- The horses in the Sophia's Beauties line-up can change their look by swapping their tails and manes with the other Sophia's Beauties horses (each sold separately).
- Comes with multi-coloured hairclips and beads… braid the horse's hair and give her a dash of style with fun hair accessories.
- There's a far-off gaze in this silver-maned beauty's eyes… is it longing? Nostalgia? A dream not yet fulfilled? A story hides behind those eyes, waiting for someone to help tell it. Is it you?
- Nurture her love of horses with a horse as unique and extraordinary as she is. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up.

What's in the Box:
1x Quarter Horse Mare with brush able mane and tail
1x Hairclips
1x Hair beads
1x Finger brush

Product Dimensions: 16x7x12.5cm
Box Dimensions: 16x7x12.5cm

Recommended Age: 5+