RC Leading IR Intelligent Robot Shooting Bullets<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

RC Leading IR Intelligent Robot Shooting Bullets
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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Enjoy your own remote controlled programable Robot that can walk, talk,sing,dance and shoot darts! This robot with sound and lights is sure to provide hours of fun!

- Program up to 50 movements
- Shoot soft darts from arm mounted cannon (5 different shooting modes)
- Robot can recite knowledge of popular science facts
- Robot can tell stories (18 in total)
- Robot can sing (12 songs)
- Robot has 3 different dance routines with music to match
- In demonstration mode the Robot will show all possible movements
- 2 different walking/gliding modes (slow/fast)
- Volume control (important for parents!)

Movement functions:
Arms up/down, Walking, Gliding, Forward/Backward, Left/Right Turn

Product Size: 30x13x36 cm
Product Battery: 3.7V 600mAh Li battery (included)
Transmitter Battery: 2x1.5V AA Battery (not included)
Charging Time:120 mins
Playing Time: 20-30 mins
Control Distance: 7-8 m