Modular Box Organizer 290mm Drawer Tray

Modular Box Organizer 290mm Drawer Tray

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This is part of our board game box organizer range.  

Our box organizers will make your life better because:

  • Set-up is easier when the components are more accessible
  • You can put all the commonly used components in a tray and just put that in the middle of the table, and set-up is done.
  • Packing up is a lot easier too - no struggling with a fistful of little plastic baggies!

This tray has 4 little drawers, intended for games where there are a set of components per player that need to be handed out to set up the game.  Each player gets their own little drawer with their bits in, and it makes it easy for them to pack up too.

This tray's outer dimensions are 287mm x 70mm and 60mm height, and are suitable for your board games because:

  • They are sized to fit snugly in to standard board game boxes
  • Their sides are flush, so as to protect the other components in the box (boards, manuals, etc)

Note that while the lids are fairly secure, they are not meant to be a rugged solution –  for normal storage (both flat and on their side), as well as transporting the boxes flat should be fine.

Assembly and wood glue is required.   

For assembly instructions, and layouts (to help determine which trays you will need), see the Modular Box Organizer documents at our Laser-Cut page.