Haynes - V8 Engine

Haynes - V8 Engine

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Features And Specifications:

Machine Works Haynes V8 Engine Build a fully functional, motorized model of a V8 petrol engine. About: Dad's Choice Awards 2013 - Winners

This model is a greatly simplified version of a real V8 car engine featuring realistic V8 sound and illuminating spark plugs.

Contains over 250 pieces and all that you need to assemble the model. Comes with a Haynes style manual giving you step by step instruction as well as interesting information about V8 engines.

To help you discover how internal combustion engines work a special augmented reality App is available via your smartphone.

This creates an interactive experience with the finished model so you can see an exploded view of the engine with 5 animations of key components and detailed descriptions of 11 different engine parts plus the engine sound.

Brings the workings of the V8 engine to life! Kit includes free access to the App, accessible from both the Apple and Google Play Stores.

YOU NEED TO SUPPLY: 3 x AA batteries Smartphone Features & Benefits: construct a fully working motorized model of a V8 engine.

Features transparent engine cases that make the moving parts visible during operation. discover how an engine works with the help of digital & interactive augmented reality (via an App). includes everything you need to build your own model engine. instruction manual contains step-by-step diagrams.

Augmented Reality App Video: https://youtu.be/RI4IjZ4azqo

Time Lapse Assembly Video: https://youtu.be/FAuLJ7TIV6M Engine Demo Video: https://youtu.be/NzQbaBQDmMg