Harry Potter Miniatures Game Thesus Scamander, Lita, Nicolas<br>(Shipped in 7-10 days)

Harry Potter Miniatures Game Thesus Scamander, Lita, Nicolas
(Shipped in 7-10 days)

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As Grindelwald rises to power, the unlikeliest heroes must rise to stop him! The brother of Newt Scamander, Theseus is an Auror and a stickler for the rules; Leta Lestrange is a powerful Witch determined to step from the shadow of her notorious family; while the immortal alchemist Nicolas Flamel possesses great power - if only he can be persuaded to use it. Contents: 3 Miniatures ? Theseus Scamander ? Leta Lestrange ? Nicolas Flame , 3 Plastic Bases, 3 Character Cards, 1 Spell Card, 2 Artefact Cards. Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.