Essentials Paint Set

Essentials Paint Set

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NOTE: This product Requires Assembly.  A small amount of wood glue will probably be required.  Instructions available here.

The essentials paint set is our latest product for new Warhammer players. This set includes all the paints , glue and brushes you need to get started. This is ideal for new players but is suitable for intermediate and advanced players as it carries all the core paints needed for Warhammer miniatures. The set also comes with storage trays for your paints and essentials.

Paints can be customized and exchange for a similar value. 

Included are ONE of each :

Citadel paint bottles:

Mephiston Red ,Averland Sunset ,Deathguard Green ,Macragge Blue ,Balthasar Gold ,Leadbelcher ,Abaddon Black ,Corax White ,Mournfang Brown ,Rakarth Flesh ,Retributor Armour , Agrax Earthshade , Nuln Oil , Reikland Fleshshade , Armageddon Dust , Stirland Mud , Necron Compound , and Guilliman Flesh .

Citadel brushes :

Small Dry Brush

Cement :

20ml Tamiya Cement