Educa Lightyear (2x25pc) DISC<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Educa Lightyear (2x25pc) DISC
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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Your favourite character from the Toy Story film series - Lightyear.

The film is a spin-off of the Toy Story film series, and the fifth overall instalment in the franchise. It features the character Buzz Lightyear, but it does not take place within the same fictional universe as the main Toy Story films, where Buzz Lightyear is a plastic toy; instead, it is billed as a film that characters within the main Toy Story universe have watched, in which Lightyear is a human "space ranger"

EDUCA® Super Puzzle is made from wood, a natural, durable material. Bigger pieces, more comfortable for a child to assemble. Durable wooden pieces that are safe for kids (non-shedding). Eco-friendly products: FSC/PEFC-branded wood, so you know it comes from sustainably managed forests, produced using environmentally-friendly processes). Images with strong, attractive colours and a gloss finishing for a more eye-catching puzzle.
2 Jigsaw Puzzles in each box. Size of the assembled puzzles: 26 x 18 cm.

What's in the Box:
2x 25 Piece Puzzles

Box Dimensions: 25x16.5x6.5cm

Recommended Age: 3-5+