Magnetic Nest Deck Box 100+ Blue/Black

Magnetic Nest Deck Box 100+ Blue/Black

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Bright and Clear Blue and deep Black interior.

Dragon Shield Nest+ 100 Box offers exclusive, high-end deck protection with an elegant design and a strong magnetic seal. The Nest+ box includes a removable dice tray and features durable 'Dragon Skin' exterior and velvety soft interior, available in various color combinations. The clever design can be reassembled in many ways to conserve board space, making it a suitable card holder during play. A Nest Box holds 115+ single sleeved cards or 100+ double-sleeved cards or 94 cards double-sleeved in Perfect Fit Sealable.

 Dragon Shield

Product Material
Cardboard/PU cover + Polyester velvet-look cloth
Product Size
Measures 90x145x90mm.