Clicformers Basic Set - 70 pcs<br>(Shipped in 7-10 days)

Clicformers Basic Set - 70 pcs
(Shipped in 7-10 days)

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The Basic Set 70 pieces is the extended version of the 50 pieces. In this box, on top of the 48 blocks you’ll find also 22 accessories, a sticker sheet to give your creations more glamourous and a book with building plans, in case you’re temporarily without inspiration. 
This Clicformers set is a great box for starters who love to build bigger constructions.
This box is ideal as a discovery box for Clicformers. You start with a beautiful basic set of which you know you will be able to combine them with other boxes in the future. In this way your Clicformers universe keeps on growing and your building skills becomer more sophisticated. Clicformers is suitable as toddler toys for children starting age 4. 
More complex constructions are built again and again by clicking the blocks and accessories in different ways. Clicformers is therefore very sustainable and resistant to years of building, disassembling and rebuilding. So it’s construction toys in its purest way, with the only risk that your children won’t get enough of it. Let’s be honest: that’s what fun toys are all about.