Bushido Savage Wave Starter

Bushido Savage Wave Starter

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They take the form of evil creatures of myth and folklore. From where they come or why, no-one knows, but one thing is for certain, the wave crushes everything in its path. The Oni and Bakemono demon-creatures that make up the bulk of the Savage Wave appear bent on the destruction of humankind and all that is holy, but they are not mindless - as many opponents have found out at great pain, the Savage Wave is cunning and organized, and it operates according to its own weird and unknowable logic. Some mad hermits and outcasts scholars whisper that this is not the first Savage Wave...

This starter set contains:

Seven finely sculpted pewter minatures:
Zuba, the all seeing
6 Bakemono models*
One 50mm and Six 30mm round bases
Six full colour profile cards

Models supplied unassembled, unpainted and may require some trimming and cleaning before assembly. Recommended for ages 12+.

* the Bakemono models are multi-part and can be assembled in a variety of ways.