Bushido Ito Clan Starter

Bushido Ito Clan Starter

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The Ito clan have long been the laughing stock of the ruling clans. Never quite able to understand it is their own flaws which hold their greater ambitions back. Being untrustworthy is synonymous with the Ito their support of the Shiho's rise to power followed by their treacherous role in the Dragon Wars against the very same clan, highlights their fickle nature. Now though the Ito have gone through a transformation, their alliance with an age old and powerful Kami has imbued them with a new found strength. If it was the Kami that caused the snake like changes or whether it has simply exaggerated the Ito's natural affinity is unknown. What is sure is that the Ito finally have the power to rise against the other clans and avenge the mockery and mistreatment they have suffered.

This Starter Set Blister contains

Five highly detailed pewter sculpts of;
Itsunagi Ito
Temple Bushi
Five New Dawn profile cards.
Five 30mm round lipped bases.

Models supplied unassembled, unpainted and may require some trimming and cleaning before assembly. Recommended for ages 12+