Bruder Toys MAN TGA Breakdown Truck w/Vehicle<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Bruder Toys MAN TGA Breakdown Truck w/Vehicle
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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Product Details:

Truck driver's cab:
- can be tilted to provide a view of the engine block
- foldable wing mirrors
- front screen made of transparent and unbreakable polycarbonate

Truck structure:
- crane can be extended and swivelled
- loading platform can be removed
- inc. wheel lift and load handling gear (consisting of tracks and wheel clamps)
- wheel chocks and fold-out support legs
- profiled tyres

Width: 180mm, Height: 260mm, Length: 865mm

Cross country vehicle, art.-no.: 02540:
- engine bonnet can be opened
- windshield folds down
- kingpin steering
- To add to the fun of playing with the MAN truck, the toy can be equipped with our Light and Sound Module (art.-no.: 02801).

Width: 190mm, Height: 255mm, Length: 815mm