Badger Basic Spray Gun Set (Blister Pack)<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Badger Basic Spray Gun Set (Blister Pack)
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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Any job requiring a simple, yet effective spray is easily completed by the Model 250 Series. The 250 is basic enough for children, to use with minimal supervision, yet efficient enough for adult use. Hands-on inspection and testing insure Badger's high quality standards.

Model 250 Spray Gun

This gun is perfect for jobs requiring large overall coverage with medium to heavy viscosity materials. Modelling, school projects, home improvement projects, workshop jobs, ceramic underglazing, fogging, texturing and stenciling can all be handled by the Model 250. The spray pattern can be adjusted from 19mm to 50.8mm simply by turning the paint tip. The Model 250 uses 3/4 Oz. or 2 Oz. jars.

- Sprays virtually any properly reduced material
- Operates on 20 to 50 PSI
- Adaptable to compressors, CO2 tanks and aerosol propellant cans

- Set contains spray gun with attached jar, regulator and vinyl air hose on blister card