Artesania Latina 8mm Easy Ratlines Templates<br>(Shipped in 10-14 days)

Artesania Latina 8mm Easy Ratlines Templates
(Shipped in 10-14 days)

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-The Micro Templates for Easy Ratlines made by Artesania Latina are fundamental tools for naval modelling to build the aforementioned ratlines of any wooden ship model. They are made of wood with high quality materials, which ensures their resistance and longevity, thus meeting the demands of our customer friends.
-The Micro Templates for Easy 8 mm Ratlines Set contains these essential ship modelling tools: three templates with the different widths that the shrouds usually have on the three poles, in addition to additional parts so that the templates are slightly separated, behind the shrouds. When the glue is added, the template does not stick as well.


-Regarding the uses of the micro easy ratlines templates for ship model, these allow the naval modeller to be able to assemble with greater ease and precision all the ratlines of any miniature naval replica.
-These specific ship modelling tools are placed behind the shrouds and with the side 'combs' a zig-zag thread is passed in front of the shrouds. Position everything correctly and add a dot of glue to each joint of the shrouds and the thread that you have put in front.
-Next, cut the excess threads, and you will see how you have created the ratlines in a much faster and easier way than making them knot by knot at each joint.
-If you do not want headaches when you are assembling your model ship ratlines, we strongly recommend that the micro easy ratlines templates for ship model are present in your tool kit for modelling and at your workshop.

What's in the Box:
3x 8mm Wooden ratline templates

Recommended Age: 14+