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Alien Invasion
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Based on the introduction from the rules

A skirmish level miniatures game designed to be played by four to six players in about an hour and a half. Each player will control a competing faction with personal victory conditions to achieve based on the scenario chosen. Not all victory conditions are mutually exclusive so alliances and diplomacy have their place.

The game is ostensibly set in a fictional present day but this is not a requirement. Many of the factions are drawn from popular culture and new factions can be added very easily simply by quantifying a small number of variables. The game requires minimal measuring, no charts and a lot of six sided dice. The rules will be memorised by a player by their second action and everyone can then oncentrate on having

Factions included in the rules are;

The Doctor
Men in Black

Additional Factions are avaliable on auther website, including;

Invaders from Mars
Shado (UFO)
Shadow Men
Non Combatants
Alien Zombies
Little Green Men

The rules are avaliable for free from authers website'