Board Game Box Organizers

One of the less fun part of board gaming is packing and unpacking all those little pieces from their little ziplock baggies each time you play.  Sometimes, games come with great inlays that help you organize the pieces, but more often than not, it's just a box with some baggies inside.
As importantly as keeping things neat and tidy, good organizers enhance the gaming experience by making packing up easier, and setting up a LOT easier - in some cases set-up is as simple as putting the trays on the table.
Our component organizers are designed to work best with board games
  • They are sized to fit snugly in to boxes
  • Their sides are flush, so as to protect the other components in the box (boards, manuals, etc)
  • There are specialty inserts like card holders
  • Some trays with smaller compartments allow you to insert scoops on one side to that components don't get stuck in corners.
  • Boxes have an optional hole in the bottom that you can use to get cards and other large components out, which would be difficult otherwise.

Customizable Compartments

All sides, including the top, are flush

Scoops ensure that pieces don't get stuck in corners

An access hole ensures that cards are easy to get out.
The boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes - with them you should be able to organize most of your games.  In our Laser Cut Instructions area, you will find a document with the layouts and to-scale diagrams of all our trays, that you can use to plan the layout of your own games.
200-Std: General piece/counter Storage
290-Std: General piece/counter storage
250-Std: General piece/counter storage 290mm Drawer Unit
250mm Card Holder 200mm Deep Tray
290mm Jumbo Tray
290mm Card Tray
250mm Jumbo Tray 250mm Deep Tray
Here are some examples of games that have been organized using the trays.

Robinson Crusoe + Voyage of the Beagle Expansion
1x 250-Card + 2x 250-Std
1x 200-Std
Power Grid
2x 250-Std
Goblins Inc
1x 250-Jumbo
Great Western Trail
4x 290-Std
Terraforming Mars
3x 290-Std + 1x 290-Card
Minecraft: Builders and Biomes
1x 250-Std + 2x 250-Deep


El Dorado
1x 290-Drawer + 2x 290-Std
The Castles of Burgundy
2x 290-Std
Kingdom Builder
2x 250-Std
The Castles of Mad King Ludwig
1x 290-Std + 1x 290-Jumbo
1x 290-Jumbo + 1x 290-Std