Laser Cut Recycled Cardboard Scenery

Whether you're just getting in to Warhammer or a seasoned veteran, putting together a table of decent scenery can be an expensive and time consuming exercise.  

Using recycled cardboard boxes, Batcave has put together a budget range of city scenery that is sturdy and - because it's cardboard - easy to work with to customize and paint.  You can glue the bits together for a larger piece, or hack the edges of a building with scissors or a craft knife to create a ruined look.

The kits are available for purchase here:

Kit Contents 

The first kit comes with one of the 3-storey large corner pieces, and 2 of the smaller L-shaped corner pieces.  These are closed on 2 sides.


The second kit includes 2 each of the smaller footprint buildings - one single and one double storey, each with a functional roof area.  These are walled on 3 sides for access to the interior of the buildings. 


One can expect some variations in the cardboard density and thickness, and some product branding and maybe chips and dents because of the source of the cardboard, but they are easy to work with and cover up/enhance these flaws (depending on how you use them)


Filling up the table

In these to-scale layouts, the solid blocks represent the large kits, and the chequered blocks the small building kits.  A different colour is used for each kit needed.  You'll probably want a few pieces of scatter scenery to make your board more interesting, but these suggested layouts should get you most of the way there.

On a small (30" x 44") board, one of each kit is enough.

 For a medium (60" x 44") board, two of the large kits are needed to provide the bulk of the cover, with a small kit to flesh out a few more strategic points.


A large board (90" x 44") requires a lot more scenery - here, 4 large kits and 2 small kits are being used to create a city-scape.